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We at GLOBALTEK® offer individual or combinations of different packaging equipment solutions for your unique industrial needs. Our team of skilled engineers, technicians, and managers will design the best solution to meet your needs based on your product, technical needs, and constraints.

Optimizing space, maximizing installed capacity, ensuring line flexibility, maximum productivity, and ease of use within a controlled budget are some of GLOBALTEK's commitments to its customers. Since 2006 we, as packaging equipment manufacturers, have been conceptualizing, designing, manufacturing, testing, and installing complete lines and ends of the line for packaging.

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GLOBALTEK® has a solution for all your packaging needs. Our heat tunnels are designed to suit your needs and integrate seamlessly into your production line. Our heat tunnel machines are based on well-proven principles and equipped with the latest control technology.

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Our position today as a leading packaging equipment manufacturer in induction sealers, GLOBALTEK's legacy has always been built upon quality, customer focus, innovation, technical expertise, and a promise to excellence. Every component of our induction sealers is designed with simplicity, longevity, and reliability as its top priorities.

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For different filling methods, diverse filling processes, and unique hygiene standards, GLOBALTEK® offers filling solutions to meet the requirements of your business. A fully automatic volumetric filling machine ideal for those who require precision, robustness, and flexibility. Because of high accuracy, exceptional filling accuracy reduces product waste.

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Compact, versatile, practical, and durable. Considering your production process, we design for your labeling needs and develop the most efficient and high-quality labeling machine.

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Partnerships with us typically begin with a package evaluation to assess the overall usage of the packaging equipment. That's why we strive to design innovative solutions that reduce the overall cost of packaging. We continually evaluate our manufacturing processes to improve performance and help our customers minimize waste.

To ensure that the equipment remains steady from design to installation, every process from designing to manufacturing at GLOBALTEK® is done in-house. Our skilled engineers are constantly adopting innovative technology. Improvements are continuously incorporated with the new availability of mechanical, efficient, and electrical components.

All engineering and manufacturing at GLOBALTEK® are done in-house to ensure consistency from machine design to assembly. Our innovative engineers constantly evaluate new technologies and implement improvements continuously incorporated as new efficient mechanical and electrical components become available.


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